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Posted by Tea Railene on August 4, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Today I drove over to Grants Pass for the monthly Innovative Authors Marketing meeting. These meeting are always so informative and what a fun group of people. We toss around ideas for marketing your books, and members share what they have learned from experience. I always return home with a tablet full of notes.

Before the meeting my friend Judi and I always meet for lunch. This month she suggested Kobe Sushi. Yes, my eyebrow raised at the thought too, but I keep telling myself you never experience unless you try new things so I agreed to go...and I was pleasantly surprised! If you enjoy any time of oriental food, this place has a mass buffet with SO many dishes to choose from. The food is good and the service was very friendly. We had a few giggles and then realized we were almost late to the meeting!

When I got out of my car, I noticed that at some point on the freeway, the side marker lighter had torn loose from it's hole in the bumper and was dangling freely by the wires. It must have been banging on the fender because I saw a few marks, but I didn't notice. Serves me right for having the stereo up too loud I guess. Anyway, there I was about 30 miles from home with a dangling light. I knew if I got back on the freeway like that, it would surely be lost in the wind. Digging through the supplies crate in my truck confirmed that I didn't have any tape or glue on the next best thing? Fixodent. Okay, not the first automotive repair equipment that would have come to mind but the gummy texture did manage to keep the light in place until I returned home.

The trip back was a little sad. You see, we have been having some huge fires in Oregon. Although the biggest fire I have heard about is quite north of us, the smoke has been traveling south and hanging in the Rogue Valley where we live. Baseball games have been canceled and people with breathing problems have been encouraged to stay indoors. The air particles are at 153/Unhealthy which is actually a big improvement from yesterday.

In Grants Pass there were blue skies and sunshine, but as I made my way home on the freeway I felt like I was driving back into a dingy cloud. Topping Blackwell Hill, you could see the blue sky ending and the smoke taking over. There was no Mt. McLaughlin in the distance to greet my safe return as is usual when traveling south back into the valley. 

Yes it is rough for our valley residents, but that's not where the prayers are right now. They are with the brave men and women who are up there near Glide and Canyonville fighting the huge blazes. I hope they all return home safely and soon...and I continue to pray for rain. Be safe out there...and love the blue and green!!

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