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"I did not choose to be a writer.  The words fall from my mind like raindrops, and my tablet is the bucket I use to collect them."

Some people consider writing a hobby. Many others consider it a chore. In my little corner of reality, writing has become part of my lifestyle. Being a writer was not something I chose to become. It is a talent that chose me. There is such pleasure watching a young face as they laugh at a good story, or my sweet Grammy becoming misty-eyed by one of my personal experience essays.

The writing comes easy, but a talent is not deserved unless it is shared. That is where you come in. I want my writing to bring you pleasure, tickle your emotions and provide you entertainment. I hope you experience something through my words, something that will enhance your life either by touching your heart, by making you think of making you laugh.

Welcome to my world...let me show you around...and if you find the accommodations to your liking, please return often and bring your friends.

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The Etsy orders ship from my home office so be sure to let me know how you would like them autographed. Also, keep an eye out for the new sequel to Monsters on the Farm coming soon!!

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