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I am Tisha Peronto aka Tea Railene Coiner. I am the daughter of an inspiring writing mentor, my mom. Writing chose me as well. My mom did not live long enough to carry out her dream of being published, but I carry on the goal for both of us.

I was bit by the writing bug when I was still quite young. I remember keeping journals almost as soon as I could write. When the weather was nice, I could usually be found sitting under an apple tree with a tablet propped on my knee, writing the next Great American novel.

In high school, I became co-editor of my high school newspaper and had a few poems published in local newspapers. Writing has always been a big part of my life, but talent is not gratifying unless you share it.

My first major published work was Thelma Rae (named after my mom), an essay that appeared in A Cup of Comfort for Friends. From there, I turned to writing mostly for kids (my heroes).  I have been published in Boys' Quest, Fun for Kidz, Fandangle and Highlights for Children.

A little more? Okay, let's see...the Tea behind the scenes. Describing myself is always the hardest writing of all.     I consider myself middle-aged, since I am just over 50 years old and I plan to live to be 100. I grew up on a farm in southern Oregon and, after moving around the country some, I decided to come back home.   

I was fortunate to be raised by three awesome kids (I know it sounds backwards, but that is how it felt at times).    I have a beautiful daughter and two brilliant sons. In the recent years, my daughter has blessed me with three granddaughters and a grandson. My oldest son have a beautiful daughter, and my youngest son added another granddaughter to the family as well. On top of being a member of a huge, tight family I also married my best friend. 

When I am not writing, I enjoy all that Oregon has to offer. I love outdoor stuff:  camping, fishing and hiking...and a more recent addiction to baseball. Native American culture is a great interest of mine, as well as photography.     I also love animals.The blurb on some dating website would read: loves the Oregon Coast, Chinese food, chocolate and bare feet. I guess that sums me up fairly well.


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